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Download the Inflight Reader app and read popular books and magazines Free for 24 hours whenever you travel through more than 750 airports worldwide

Now read both BOOKS and MAGAZINES on your iPad or your iPhone!
Uber now easily accessible for your convenience!

PLAN AHEAD - Download beforehand at home, avoid slow airport wi-fi, when you get to the airport the books and magazines you downloaded are unlocked and ready for you to enjoy.

The Inflight Reader app is the best way to get the books and magazines you want when you travel - all for free during your Inflight Reader sessions. When you are at an airport, you can activate a free 24-hour inflight reader session by signing in to your account and your free 24-hour Inflight Reader session begins with your first download at the airport or, even better, download the books and magazines that you want to read ahead of time at home and simply unlock them for reading when you get to the airport. So start, or end, your trips right by getting the Inflight Reader app and read the best books and magazines for free. CHECK BACK often because we are actively adding more titles for you to enjoy! In-app purchase is available for unlimited reading of issues that you buy and you may purchase the iBook of titles to own and read any time. Travel well!

Please note that activation of Inflight Reader sessions requires you to be at an airport location so the app periodically checks your location in the background - continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We background check location only intermittently to avoid undue battery drain.